Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day from the Pens Fatales!

The Pens had a mini-retreat this weekend. We holed up in a hotel room and worked! (For all you non-writers out there, this is the ultimate in writer indulgence :) )

View from the balcony!

 Writer Super Food!!

Another view from the balcony--it was a GORGEOUS day in Oakland! 

Adrienne and Martha working hard

Then we visited Juliet's house for a lovely afternoon of cheese and chocolate and pizza.

And to celebrate some good news.

Rachael was honored with a Holt Medallion Award of Merit for How To Knit A Heart Back Home!
LGC sold her time travel romantic thriller, Warlord, to Belle Books...publication date TBA (sometime in 2013--don't worry we'll let you know when it's coming. This book is fabulous!!)

Rachael (post-surgery lounging on sofa) and LGC

Sophie had a new sale (not sure if I'm allowed to announce deets on this one so we'll just say congrats!)
Martha has been working like a fiend on several projects.

 Sophie and Martha bundled up and hogging the chocolate cookies and brownies

Juliet is going to France for the month of August. Can we all just admit that we're jealous as hell and leave it at that? :) Gigi's working on the September release of her fabulous mystery, Artifact, which is garnering rave reviews from advance readers!!

Juliet and Gigi talking writing and process

Lisa is editing her paranormal romance, Archangels: Rafe, due out in early June. Adrienne is working on several projects. And Nicole is wrapping up the semester at Seton Hill so she can spend the summer writing about Jane True. We are super excited that she's coming to visit!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

That's a quick update on the Pens. Hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day!!


Barbara said...

color me jealous. that is all.

Rachael Herron said...


Jeri Hoag said...

Wow! that looked like such fun and definitely an indulgence.

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