Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Fictional Writer

So from LGC's post, we all know about the ideal writer's life. So what about the fictional writer's life?

In the spirit of Joan Wilder, leaving post-it notes all over her house while she finishes her manuscript, weeping over the final reunion scene, I've been so busy with non-writing activities: traveling, volleyball tournaments, spring break, college orientation, that I completely forgot what day it was. So here's my post, just the tiniest bit late. :)

I love fictional writers as characters. Joan Wilder wasn't my first but she might just be my favorite. And in her life, you actually see her writing.

I also adore Castle. (Although honestly, I adore Nathan Fillion, so it stood to reason that I would adore the show) But in all the episodes I've watched, I don't think he's actually been sitting down at the computer more than once.

Jessica Fletcher spends her time solving real murders instead of writing about them. Someone once said Cabot Cove has the highest per-capita murder rate in the world. I sure wouldn't want to visit.

And while I loved the movie As Good As It Gets, Jack Nicholson's character, besides his irascibility really doesn't fit as a writer either.

So who is your favorite fictional writer and why? Comment for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. I'll pick a random winner on Sunday, April 15th.

And now I'm off to a place just slightly more mundane than Cartegena.  



Rachael Herron said...

I have to say Joan Wilder, for sure. I just adore that scene.

William Doonan said...

Julian Carax from 'Shadow of the Wind.' He's talented, committed, and willing to lost his sanity for a good page.

William Doonan

Vivien said...

Penn Cage is my favorite. I get sucked in every time!

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Camille Minichino said...

Paul Sheldon in Stephen King's MISERY. What writer has suffered so much for his story?

Gigi Pandian said...

I'll go with Joan Wilder, too. But I also love William's suggestion!

Julie said...

I hope Bilbo Baggins counts, because I'm a big fan. :)

Mysti said...

Joan makes me sad because her creator (Diane Thomas) died in a car wreck a year after the release of the film. So ladies, if Michael Douglas buys you a Porsche, don't let your drunk boyfriend drive it!

My faves are the writer (who dies) in The Player, the writer (who dies) in Sunset Boulevard, the writer Dixon Steele (who wishes he was dead) in In a Lonely Place, and the Jack Nicholson's writer in The Shining. Cautionary tales...

17th stitch said...

My favorite fictional writer has to be Cat Midhir in Charles de Lint's early novel, Yarrow. She gets to travel to her fantasy world, and her cat is actually a dimension-hopping bodyguard.