Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Martha's Life Strategy

Age 3 months: Sleep. Drink. Poop. Repeat.

Age 5 years: Take lots of baths. Learn how to hold breath. Optimize that look of your hair underwater so it is super flowy. All in the pursuit of being a "mermaid princess" (direct quote from my Kindergarten yearbook under "When I grow up I want to be ______). Judge if you want, but this was five years before Ariel made the idea popular.

Age 11 years: Be better than boys. Smarter than boys. Faster than boys. Boys suck.

Age 12 years: ditto

Age 13 years: ditto

Age 14 years: ditto

Age 19 years: Stop living life for my parents. Drop honors chemistry lab - who the hell takes honors chem when they don't want to be a doctor? Start taking classes for the enjoyment.(Note: it still never occurred to me to take a single writing class)

Age 22 years: Work is overrated. Write every free second. Join RWA. Query agents.

Age 23 years: Tuck tail between legs. Acknowledge failure. Focus on people, not personal achievements.

Age 31 years: OMG LIFE DREAMS ARE SO IMPORTANT besides now have a million friends so can take a break from that. Take back up writing. Write write write write write. Write some more.

Age 32 years: Yeah...maybe get in some revision.

Age 34 years: Try new venues. Let go of old expectations.

Age 35 years: ??? I dunno - you tell me. :)


Gigi Pandian said...

Age 35 years: Outsell all those boys on the best-seller list!

Rachael Herron said...

re: Ariel, you have always been ahead of the curve.