Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taurus Rising

-- Adrienne Miller

I don't take well to nagging. I never have. I suppose I could blame it on my stars. A few years ago my mother-in-law did my astrological chart, and while my sun sign is Libra, apparently my rising sign is Taurus. She told me that means that while I love balance and harmony (which I do) I'm also as stubborn as an old mule (which I also am). So what you get is someone who wants to everyone to be happy but always finds the sneaky, backdoor way to getting what I want.

I'm not a big (or any kind) believer in astrology, but in this case the description just happened to be accurate. I am that person. You can nag at me, and I'll smile and nod, but inside my heels are digging in so far that you could use me to plow a field.

I'll admit, it's not the most attractive personality trait. Some people would even call it passive aggressive, but that's only because I can't bring myself to be aggressive-aggressive. You know, those people who shout out their opinions loud enough for everyone in a three block radius to hear. I don't want to be that person either.

There has to be a middle ground. A plain aggressive. Someone who can just say no without explanation. Without raising her voice. Without sugarcoating anything. That's how I'd like to be. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to be that.

But until I do, seriously, don't nag me.


L.G.C. Smith said...

I think your 'plain aggressive' is what we more usually term 'assertive." But when I do it, it feels pretty aggressive. Not that I can't do flat out aggressive. Oldest of four kids here. I learned that early. You, now you get a pleasant look on your face, and something in your smile says "If you think I'm going to do that you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG--here, would you like a cup of coffee? I'll get it for you." I love that about you. :)

Barbara said...

I learned when my children were in school and they needed people on committees to say no with a smile on my face and never never ever raise my voice or get irritated. People get the message quickly and they don't get mad. Usually. One other mom asked me once "how do you do that?" I told her I thought it was the smile.

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