Friday, November 25, 2011

Who Do, Voodoo? Welcome Rochelle Staab!

Today we're happy to invite Rochelle Staab to join us here at the Pensfatales -- Rochelle's debut novel, WHO DO, VOODOO? has been garnering praise left and right. Leave a comment (with your email address, please) for a chance to win a copy of her new book, and a nifty pen!

Rochelle's a hoot in person, too, though as we always say...what happens at the Bouchercon bar, stays at the Bouchercon bar...

In Who Do, Voodoo? psychologist Liz Cooper dismisses the supernatural until her best friend discovers mysterious tarot cards tacked to her front door—the same cards drawn in a tarot reading the night before a death two years earlier. Liz teams up with an occult expert to track the harasser, a journey that leads them to murder and a voodoo curse, challenging Liz to question logic and set aside her doubts to unravel otherworldly secrets—or risk being outwitted by a cunning killer.

Happy Holidays! Thank you, Pens Fatales, and especially Juliet Blackwell for inviting me here to talk about presents and my new novel, Who Do, Voodoo?

Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. Thousands of people are flooding the malls (the streets, parking spaces, freeways, and check-out lines) to shop. Heading out with a list to scour for bargains is a noble and fearless move, and hurray to those who braved the crowds this morning and are already home wrapping presents while sipping spiked eggnog.

Me? Just pass me the nog. I’m already so far behind on the holidays that I’m double tasking and creating my list of presents as we speak. As a book lover and a writer, I like turning people on to my favorite novels. Books are the presents that keep on giving long after the tinsel is in the trash. And with a little coupling, books create presents with a fun theme.

For example, my recently divorced and overworked friend Beth would love Sophie Littlefield’s A Bad Day For Scandal wrapped with a 2012 calendar For Women Who Do Too Much.

A pink tool kit and a copy of Juliet Blackwell’s Dead Bolt would be perfect for Marcia, my femme fixer-upper cousin who swears there’s a friendly ghost in her house.

Best friend Trish just took up knitting, so a great present for her would be Rachel Herron’s Wishes and Stitches tucked inside a new knitting bag.

Niece Mandy loves vintage clothing. How fun to pop Juliet’s Hexes And Hemlines into an antique clutch as a holiday present.

The theme theory works for guys and eReaders too. My nephew Matt likes politics, golf, and his Kindle so I think I’ll wrap up a box of golf balls with a note that Pete Morin’s political thriller Diary of a Small Fish will be delivered to his eReader on Christmas Day. Neighbor Brant likes jazz and mystery, making him a perfect combo for a Michael Connelly Harry Bosch novel plus a John Coltrane CD (one of Bosch’s favorite jazz musicians.) Steve is a hockey nut, so I can tuck a pair of tickets into one of Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar novels.

And if anyone asks for my novel, Who Do, Voodoo? I may add a batch of brownies, a Bell, Book and Candle DVD, or a deck of tarot cards to the present for fun.

Ah, I feel better already. Pass the nog again, will you?

Do you have any clever ideas for good book/gift combos? Comment below for a chance to win a copy of Who Do, Voodoo? and a nifty Who Do, Voodoo? pen. US residents only.

Rochelle Staab, a former award-winning radio programmer and music industry marketing executive, blends her fascination with the supernatural and her love for mystery in Who Do, Voodoo? the best-selling first novel in her Mind for Murder Mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime. Bruja Brouhaha, the second novel in the series will be released in August 2012.

Visit Rochelle at, or on Link
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"The first in the Mind for Murder mystery series set in Los Angeles grabs your attention from the start with creepy tarot cards, voodoo priestesses and cursed spell books. A fresh and entertaining premise for a new series that is cleverly plotted and executed."
 —RT Reviews (4 stars)

Let Staab's debut cast a spell over your readers with its spirited pace, likable heroine, and Los Angeles backdrop. VERDICT: Staab sets her fairly sophisticated blend of the occult in a flashy West Coast locale for great escape reading. Fans of Juliet Blackwell and Rebecca M. Hale will get a kick out of this one. ~ Library Journal

“Didn't need my crystal ball to see into the future of this wonderful debut. A sexy, funny, and engaging whodunit set in Tinsel Town, Who do, Voodoo? is a winner.” ~ Lesley Kagen, NY Times Bestselling author of Good Graces

"A spellbinding blend of voodoo and tarot traditions, Who Do, Voodoo? is a superlative supernatural mystery." ~ Cleo Coyle, author of the national bestselling Haunted Bookshop and Coffeehouse Mysteries

“Whoo hoo! Smart, sophisticated and utterly spellbinding. This magical mystery is captivatingly clever, completely charming, and compelling from its irresistible beginning to its unpredictable end. (Who do loves it? I do!)” ~ Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony and Macavity winning author


toni in florida said...

Hi, Rochelle! What an intriguing twist on the supernatural. I've always found tarot fascinating and keep hoping I'll find someone who can read them well enough to make me believe. I've only tried a half dozen or so readers, mostly amateurs trying to hone their skills, so my search continues.

I'd love to win your new book. Thanks for the opportunity!

Adrienne said...

Hi there! Your new book sounds right up my alley and I would love to win a copy of it! I love that you're giving away the book along with a Who Do Voodoo pen. If you're going to do a book/gift as a giveaway or as gifts for the holidays, I think it is a great idea to have the gift tie-in with the book. Like with your book, you could even give it away along with a tarot card like the one found on the door of your heroine's best friend. One way or the other,I can't wait to read Who Do Voodoo!

Adrienne , Tamarac Florida.

LindaJay said...

Always looking for new mystery authors and the combo of mystery and voodoo sounds interesting! Another great author to include in the mystery/hockey fan gift is Bryan Gruley. His books are set in starvation, MI and really capture the "feel" of hockey. High praise coming from a hockey mom who passes a lot of rink time reading!! Happy holidays!

LindaJay said...

Didn't leave my email for comment above:

Sophie Littlefield said...

rochelle, your new cover is fantastic :) i'm off to the mall (ugh, i know, but it's a tradition with my sister and the kids) where i am hoping to hide in a bookstore. afterwards, i will certainly be ready for some of that spiked eggnog!!

Rachael Herron said...

I absolutely love this gift idea! I always just give books, but without the trapping, and that is a great way to go. Thank you!

Gigi Pandian said...

Your book sounds like a lot of fun! And I love this gift-giving idea. One can never give or receive too many books ;)

Anonymous said...

Always looking for new and interesting books to read. I tell anyone of my family members that all I want for Christmas is books. They get upset that I'm so easy to please. My contact info is: Tiffany White and e-mail is: Crossing my fingers for good luck in winning a copy of your book.

Rochelle Staab said...

Hi everyone!
Toni, I wish you luck in your search. The tarot is illuminating but even more so with an intuitive reader.

Adrienne, thanks! Yes, the tie-ins are great fun. My niece just sent me flowers with a tarot card attached (a good card) and just that little extra step made me smile.

LindaJay, what a great idea for hockey moms! Love it.

Sophie, you are a brave soul (but we knew that). I hope your shopping trip is fun & fruitful. I'll be braving the crowds tomorrow.

Rachael, yay! Right? the extra touch makes the gift a little more fun and personal.

Gigi, thank you :) I'm hoping for some good books in my stocking too.

Unknown said...

Rochelle--welcome to the Pens! I'm big book giver as well. Everyone in my house gets a book for Christmas. :) Who Do, Voodoo? sounds like a lot of fun.

L.G.C. Smith said...

Rochelle, thanks for the great post! And welcome to the Pens. Your book sounds great--looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

I'm anticipating my usual lump of coal, Rochelle.

But I have an occult-curious friend who will love HDVD with Santana's Black Magic Woman ;)

Martha Flynn said...

I'm thinking of getting my niece a copy of The Hunger Games along with a bow and arrow set! Perfect for a 12 year old girl on the verge of kick-assed-ness. :)

Jane Sevier said...

Adore the wonderfully creative book-gift combination idea, Rochelle.

And, Martha, The Hunger Games and a bow and arrow for your kick-ass niece? Perfect!

I'm thinking a beautiful copy of Pride and Prejudice with the Blu-ray DVD of the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth would be a great gift for anyone who loves books and movies. I just can't get enough of P&P. Or of Colin Firth.

I enjoy comparing screen adaptations to the books that spawned them. Sometimes I love them for very different reasons. Do you have any favorite book-movie combinations?

Liz said...

My niece plans on an espaliered apple tree, so maybe she'd enjoy One Bad Apple by Sheila Connolly, together with pruning sheers and gloves.

Martha Flynn said...

Fellow Pen Adrienne and I have a special place in our heart for the Persuasion book/movie combo!!! If one could gift it with a live Rupert Penry-Jones, well, let's just say we'd be BFF forever

Lara Nance said...

Very cool ideas, Rochelle!

Jane Sevier said...

Martha, I like that Persuasion idea, too. CiarĂ¡n Hinds won my heart in the 1995 adaptation, but perhaps we could persuade Rupert Penry-Jones to stop by with both versions.

Rochelle Staab said...

Lisa, L.G.C., and Lara—thank you so much!

Pete, I LOVE the Santana album with WDV. I'll be using that one. Now to come up with a "bad boys" series to go with your lump of coal...any ideas?

Martha, I agree with Jane—perfect match!

Jane, Pride & Prejudice along with the Colin Firth (melts) DVD of same? Yes! And for YA fans who already read the Austen original, Heather Vogel Frederick has a Pies And Prejudice novel in her Book Club series. My favorite movie/book combo is Harry Potter, but I'm excited to see Evanovich's One For The Money on screen. I hope it's great.

Liz, awesome! I love Sheila's series. I bet your niece would love the combo.

Martha, ah, yes, WELL. If Rupert shows up, will you send him to my house too?

I love these ideas. It's going to be a very creative holiday :)

Marilyn Sue Shank said...

Rochelle, will any of your friends get a sneak peak of their gifts on this blog? ;-) Great ideas!!


Rochelle Staab said...

Hi Marilyn :)
Trish might (she dropped a lot of hints about wanting a knitting bag) but knowing her, she'll just be excited to read the book now. The guys won't, they're oblivious to the blog world. I'll have to play dumb with Beth, Marcia, and Mandy! Maybe they'll forget before Christmas? The funny thing is, since this post went up I received two emails from friends asking to be on my gift list. I think we struck a chord!

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