Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I Regret....

I regret that I got nothin' in the tank today.

November 2011 is kicking my a**. But there seems to be a lot of rant in the air so if you are so inclined, come post a rant, a regret or a comment.



ps--come post a comment, a rant, a regret, a response, anything. On Friday, I'll randomly chose a winner to get a mystery mailing of Pens books :)


Anonymous said...

I regret teaching an extra class this semester. Debts are getting high, and kids want food on a daily basis, so I needed to take on the class. But damn if it does not cut squarely into my writing time. So I guess I regret not finding some other more creative way to balance my stuff so that writing doesn't always have to take a back seat.

William Doonan

Liz said...

I regret not being as patient as I hope to be. Thought it was old age crotchetiness, but reading posts all over the place, beginning to think it's something in the air.

CdnMrs said...

I regret that caramel milkshake I had last night before bed. Crazy dreams and a tummy ache all night long do not a happy receptionist make. Clients are also regretting my late night milkshake LOL

The Brunette Librarian said...

I regret sleeping in yesterday...because I couldn't sleep last night and then today I couldn't wake up. I've been draggin' all day :( Bleh...so when I get home tonight, I am donning the PJ's and sleeping! :)


Evalyn/sheepish@riousa.com said...

I don't hold on to regret. It's a waste of time and energy. Let it go - life gives us plenty of opportunities to make new mistakes. Make them, learn from them, but don't waste your life on regret.

Lisa Hughey said...

Evalyn--love that! I try not to have a lot of regret either. :)

William--it's a catch 22 isn't it?

Liz--I know. Lots of crazy right now.

The Mrs and Brunette Librarian--I have been sleeping a LOT (with an hour awake in the middle of the night here and there) this month.

Amy said...

This lack of energy seems to be going around. I have spent the last week going from work to bed and little else. Today I managed laundry so I think times are changing.

Mysti said...

I regret every second that I ever thought raccoons were cute. They had a "party" in the cat food and water while I was out teaching.

Devil spawn! not cute! not cute!

Lisa Hughey said...

And yes I'm behind because this month is truly, truly kicking my butt.

The winner (thanks to random.org) is number 1--William Doonan. :)

I will get in touch to get your address :)