Friday, November 4, 2011

Pens On the Go

The Pens had a great weekend last week! Nicole, our only far-flung Pen, came for a visit and wow, did we get around. First there was a lunch at the Tipsy Pig in the city where we noshed on the best mac and cheese in the world. I am very hungry right now, so I am going to subject you to some food pictures, just 'cause I can!

Our sweet Nicole and that crazy mac'n'cheese

Nicole, Lisa, Martha

Sophie and LGC

Tater tots - how often do you see those on the menu!

...and just to prove we're not utterly incorrigible, a lovely salad.

After that followed three days of madcap adventures, of which the highlight was undoubtedly Juliet's annual halloween party. We missed our Rachael, who had to work crazy hours all weekend, and our Gigi, who's in her cloistered phase.

Juliet and a couple of scary friends

Sophie with a knife in her head

creepy freak show babies, display courtesy of Gomez, master carpenter

Martha, Nicole, and Juliet


Rachael Herron said...


Nicole Peeler said...

OMG I miss you guys. Sophie, let's move to Oakland TOGETHER.

Juliet Blackwell said...

yes yes yes!!!! You should BOTH move here!!!

Martha Flynn said...

I am troubled - downright troubled - by how adorable we are!

Supriya Savkoor said...

Great pics, ladies, and you all look lovely as always! Sophie, looks like you had a killer headache. ;)

Toni in Florida said...

I have it on good authority that the Tipsy Pig was known as the "Six-Weeks-Sober Pig" until you ladies were there. Coincidence? I think not!