Monday, September 19, 2011

Bouchercon Blur - And a Couple of Smart Broads

by Sophie


hey you guys...I'm afraid I'm going to be a lazy-ass poster today. The truth is that I just returned from Bouchercon, the big mystery conference, and I'm a little wee bit weary. The best part was rooming with Juliet and Nicole, hanging out with my brother Mike, and seeing Pens favorite Mysti Berry around when she wasn't scribbling madly in her room. I'd tell you all the fun and amazing experiences we had, except I expect to be asleep long before I could get halfway through the list.

you're right - we *do* look adorable in matching purple! we didn't even plan it!

But I *did* have a thought to share with you regarding memes....specifically, blog memes. A couple of years ago I had never heard the term; my first exposure came in a single week when two of the finer bloggers out there tagged me. It just so happened that both of these women were at Bouchercon, so if you'll indulge me, I'll share them with you for your browsing pleasure.

First, Patti Abbot's blog is a must-read for anyone interested in crime fiction. Not only does she cover all aspects of crime writing, but she does really imaginative series of posts from a variety of perspectives - and she has a lot to say about her home town of Detroit, as well.

The second person I'd like to introduce you to is supersmart reference librarian and crime author Barbara Fister. I discovered her on her personal blog, and she is now also a columnist for Library Journal, and her musings are *definitely* worthy of your consideration.

Okay sugars, sorry for the brevity (and noodle-brained-ness). Back in a couple of weeks with something to say!


Lisa Alber said...

The current theme from crime-fiction bloggers--Bouchercon fatigue! Gotta love it. Wish I'd been there this year. Hoping to go one of these years in the near future when I have something to say about a debut novel!

Mysti said...

Thanks for all the inspiration, Wild Thing!

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