Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hard Rocks, Cold Water: The Beach at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland

by Gigi

One of the things that happens when you're told you have cancer is that you stop and think about what you want out of life. I'm lucky in that I've always been good at seizing the day, so I didn't have a whole lot of new ground to cover.

Therefore I find I'm not longing to do different things with my life. Instead, I'm going to do things BIGGER.

For example, one thing I haven't been doing as much of lately as I'd like to is traveling abroad. Before my diagnosis a little over a month ago, I was planning one trip. Now I'm in the process of planning three.

Traveling to a sunny beach to sunbathe isn't my kind of scene. I'd much rather go hiking along a cold and treacherous cliff overlooking a rough sea. Such as along the cliffs near Dunnottar Castle in Scotland.

Now this is my kind of beach. I took the photos below on the trip I took to the UK for my 30th birthday. The castle ruins sit atop rocky cliffs next to the North Sea, and the only way to reach the ruins is to hike down a steep path and then climb up another one. It's both spectacular and also remote enough that I've visited when it's been eerily empty. Definitely my kind of beach.

While planning upcoming trips to Europe and Asia, I also realized I've been to all but 7 of the 50 states. Anyone feel a road trip coming on? 

Lastly, I promised I'd show another new look for my Sexy Cancer Hair. So here you go!


L.G.C. Smith said...

Now there's a beach I could love. Not that I could get to it. But I want to.

Love the hair!

Rachael Herron said...

I don't know which pics are prettier!

Nicole Peeler said...

You have such sexy cancer hair! *drools* And you rock! I'll go to Scotland with you anytime, baby!

Mysti said...

You look very skeptical in that last photo :)

And you really can rock just about any hair look!

Juliet Blackwell said...

I am SO excited about the Pens trip to Scotland! We'll climb along rocky coasts, hang out in pubs, and taste scotch. Or some variation on the above! Can't wait, and I love that you're planning already. BTW, yes, you ROCK that sexy cancer hair ;-)

Anne Spencer said...

Love Scotland--thank you for introducing me to it so many years ago. I echo all the previous comments that you are rocking the hair. You are amazing. Shannon

Anonymous said...

whoa whoa whoa - are we going to have to get in SHAPE for this trip? I keep hearing the word "hike" tossed around... (martha)

Gigi Pandian said...

By the time we go to Scotland, I'm going to have me a killer bod like Linda Hamilton in Terminator. I've gotta get some awesome muscles to keep my hormones in check so my cancer doesn't return. That means I'll be able to carry anyone who's not up for hiking ;)

I think the red and black hair is more "me" but the burgundy hair is quite fun -- I feel like I should be at a 1960s dance party.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, am I craving a road trip. I've only got 2 states left, Alaska and Louisiana, and I've vowed to drive to one of them in the next year or two. Care for a drive to the Yukon?

Love the castle, love the hair!

Gigi Pandian said...

I'm totally there for the Yukon trip!

Lisa Hughey said...

Gigi--Cannot wait for Scotland. Ummm, how steep?

Maybe we should start a Pens exercise prep class, which will involve climbing on treadmills and, of course, sampling scotch. ;)

Only seven states left? I think I have more like 11. Haven't counted recently. :)

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