Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oops, Martha Did It Again

My mistake. My bad.

Did I do that? Yes? Good.

Here's a little secret: I LOVE SCREWING UP. I absolutely adore making mistakes. In a world where no one wants to be wrong, I want to be wrong all the time.


Let it be me.

Here's why.

If I screw up, I can fix it and move on.
If someone else screws up, I have to sit around through their requisite stages of denial, anger, frustration, acceptance and maybe, maybe they'll get to rectification.

Here's my advice for being happy:

Make everything your fault.

"But, but, coworker..."


"But, but, but...the weather..."


"But, but, wasn't my fault."

Now look what you've done. You've taken your power and you've given it to someone else.

Shame on you.

The next time something goes wrong. Take responsibility. Absolutely. Say to yourself, "This situation is my fault." Then say, "Now what?"

To be honest, this is easy for me in everything except Publishing. In Publishing, I find myself saying the same old things. "Agents are busy. Editors are busy. The industry takes time. Readers aren't buying."

What's left to do but throw my hands in the air?

Unless the problem is, "My book isn't good enough."

Now we're talking. Because if anyone can make my book good, it's me.


Juliet Blackwell said...

Yes yes yes, you adorable blame-taker, you. I used to tell my son all the time: "you think anyone cares about the EXCUSE? dream on." People care about the results, and what we can do to alter those. But I think you're right to see that there ARE some things we can't control, and knowing where to draw that line is essential.

Lisa said...

Personal accountability--my hot button. I love the idea of taking on the 'oops' so that you can just fix it.

How about 'oops' I didn't write a book that Publishers can market easily. My bad. I guess I will have to publish it myself. ;)

Rachael Herron said...

LOVE THIS. And it's all your fault.

Martha Flynn said...

I really wanted to recreate the Britney video with choreography and all, but alas, too busy!