Friday, May 6, 2011

Tattoo You

I'll start off by admitting that I forgot to get a post on Lies ready for last Friday. And yes I could come up with some fabulous lie about why I didn't do it but I won't. I'll just, uh, seize the new topic. ;)

I could get all deep and philosophical about Seizing the Day but I'll leave that to you writers -- the four of you who have gone before me have written such beautiful stuff. Wow! So instead of competing I decided to look up Carpe Diem on Google to see what it means to various people... and I'm afraid I got distracted. I mean, who wouldn't??! Check this out!

First of all, is that a stomach? If so, where's the belly button? I'm so confused!

And I couldn't stop there... apparently Carpe Diem tattoos are all the rage. Here's another awesome one.

I'm imagining the conversation when a lucky lady pulls up the shirt above those camo pants -- Carpe Diem right on what we used to call the "pathway to pleasure" (you know, that line of hair that leads from the belly button down)-- yeah baby, seize the day, and while you're at it, seize the, you know...

Okay this one is serious -- this guy is actually super cool...

He is known as "Da Pirate" and he's a HIV/AIDS survivor who is a passionate advocate for HIV and AIDS education - he has truly seized the day. Sounds like an incredible individual.

OMG here is a great one!

At first I was like what the hell? And then I realized it's a CARP. Wow. I mean WOW. That must have been seriously painful. And it suddenly makes me wonder -- if I get my ass covered by a tattoo, would it make it look any smaller? I'll get back to you on that.

Looking at tattoos online is sort of like playing "name the body part" -- anyone have a guess at this next one?

I need to know. In case I want to get one there. Oh wait, my daughter just said it was someone pulling down their pants -- and now that she's said that, I can totally see it. I thought it was like half a boob. Really, stay with me here, that crack could be cleavage, right? Dang! I guess it's been a long time since I've seen a naked bod. ;)

Okay, last one -- I couldn't resist!

Might want to, you know, check a dictionary perhaps, before you're branded for LIFE. Some other really funny misspellings here.

This reminds me of my fave tattoo parlor name: "Scarred for Life Tattoos" (in Boulder, Colorado). Love that!

Okay, enough! :) Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of posts by real writers... Though thanks for inviting me over to play!

maddee, who has tattooed eyeliner and a swirl on her foot, but no Karpe Deims as of yet.


Juliet Blackwell said...

Maddee, you crack me up! Thanks for the early morning laugh -- and glad your daughter figured out the butt. Yes, you need to see more naked bods ;-)!!!
AMAZING about the tattooed misspellings. Of all the times to do a little spell-checking, right?

Sophie Littlefield said...

that was the BEST way to kick off this friday! thanks darlin' maddee. would it be fun and ironic if i intentionally mispelled my first tattoo? hmmm. still a-ponderin'.

Sophie Littlefield said...

PS MY votes are: first photo is from the back and she has a nice rounded hip/ass area; i thought the other one was an upper arm at first but your daughter's right, i think it's an ass, except it looks like it's a little red/inflamed so OUCH. and how about that CARP. awesome.

Adrienne Miller said...

Too funny. That top one looks like a butt with the crack photoshopped out. And I don't know about the whole philosophical comments above the private bits either. Some things should just speak for themselves, right?

Gigi Pandian said...

You seriously have tattooed eyeliner?!? Did it hurt?

Mysti said...

I have a hard time committing to an outfit for the day, much less a tattoo. And NOTHING POINTED NEAR MY EYES. It's a rule. Not even a guideline, so I admire your bravery w/the liner! It looks lovely (and I never guessed!).

thanks for a fun Friday! Trying to imagine what a writer's tattoo should say, aside from carpe deim, of course!

Vickie said...

Okay, now when I get to my fightin' weight, I am going to get my tattoo at Scarred for Life in Boulder! Though it's a tie now with Smokin' Banana Tattoo and Coffee Shop in Broomfield....

Maddee said...

Sorry I was gone all day yesterday so I missed responding to the comments. Thank you all for responding -- glad I gave a little levity for your Friday.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a bit of trouble with body parts. ;)

I do have tattooed eyeliner Gigi and yes it DID hurt quite a bit, I'll admit. I've been told I did the two most painful places -- the eyes and the foot! And Mysti is right - nothing pointed near the eyes is a good rule of thumb. I NEVER would have done it if I didn't trust the woman completely. She's really is an expert and had done other friends of mine.

Sophie can't wait to hear if you get a tattoo! I have two (besides my eyes) and I have to stop myself from getting more -- as I have to admit that it's addicting.

Vickie that is a great name -- love that. I also love "just a little prick tattoos."

Everyone have a great weekend -- and stay away from the ink shops unless there are really good spellers around!

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