Friday, April 29, 2011

Yep, We Got Her

Introducing our newest member:

Nicole Peeler. We wooed her from a distance and finally snared her with one of our snazziest, sparkliest nets. She's still kicking a little bit, but we throw Mont Blancs and Moleskines in every once in a while, and they lull her right back to sleep.

Nicole D. Peeler received an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Boston University, and a PhD in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. She’s lived abroad in both Spain and the UK, and lived all over the USA. Currently, she resides outside Pittsburgh, to teach in Seton Hill’s MFA in Popular Fiction. When she’s not in the classroom infecting young minds with her madness, she’s writing Urban Fantasy for Orbit Books and taking pleasure in what means most to her: family, friends, food, and travel.

You can find her blogging at the League of Reluctant Adults, on facebook as Nicole Peeler, and on twitter as NicolePeeler. She’s getting very high tech, people, and it’s all for you.

We're proud that she's going to be our Pens in absentia, and we hope that you'll enjoy getting to know her! (And someday, we hope she moves to be with us! We're not a cult, no. Not exactly... But we're working on purchasing the land...)


Nicole Peeler said...

I get to be a Pen! I get to be a PEN! I GET TO BE A PEN! *suckles her moleskin and falls back asleep*

Sophie Littlefield said...

i could not be happier with our coup. damn!

Juliet Blackwell said...

Woo-hoo! I'm still a little sore that she's not all mine, but I guess I'll share her with the Pens if I *have* to...Welcome Nicole!!!

Unknown said...

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