Thursday, March 17, 2011

Revenge of the Baby Blogs

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
by Gigi

Since Sophie posted such a lovely non-standard head shot of herself last week, the least I can do is post this St. Patrick's Day photo since it's St. Patty's day today. Did everyone remember to wear green?

I'm at an age where lots of my friends are having babies. And along with the babies, the vast majority have started baby blogs.

I love being able to keep up with my good friends who are spread out across the country -- seeing how their babies are growing and walking and saying the funniest things.

But I'm also curious about what the babies themselves will think a few years from now.

They say that kids growing up today are much more open to having everything in their lives public, thinking nothing of posting their most personal or outrageous details on Facebook or YouTube. But I wonder how far that extends. Will they really want their friends watching videos of diaper-clad tantrums? They're super-cute tantrums, it's true. But still.

It took me a long time to venture into social media, so I know I'm overly cautious. I joined this blog because a certain person strong-armed me into it -- for which I'm forever grateful :). And thanks to my 2011 New Year's resolutions, I've also got a photography blog and a Twitter account. (I'm still not on Facebook. I share an office with my office's social media strategist, who finds it amusing beyond believe that I'm one of the last remaining Facebook holdouts in the country.)

The first week I was on Twitter, I obsessively wondered how much was oversharing. I got over it once I got the hang of it, and now I'm having a blast (and I think I found a happy medium). But what about posting on behalf of your kids? I know I'm probably overthinking the whole thing -- but remember, anything posted online is potentially out there forever.

Not to end on that scary note, I'll wrap up by sharing the happy news that one of my friends is due to give birth any day now! This friend lives nearby, so her daughter will be one baby whose blog I won't need to read to see her grow up :)


Juliet Blackwell said...

I wonder about this all the time -- privacy seems like a precious thing that's becoming less and less sure as we move ahead in life. Scary, indeed. I'm sure my son is glad I didn't have a blog following his every action ;-)

Sophie Littlefield said...

i used to be pretty careful about my kids' privacy, and then i saw how much their contemporaries were putting out there. over the weekend someone told me about a service that puts ALL your info out on the web for anyone to see. scary. but - all that said - i love seeing my friends' family albums on the web. i adore watching the kids grow up, virtually.

Mysti said...

Yay! Gigi on Twitter!!!! My husband has stayed off facebook, but wikipedia put a page of him on facebook anyway! As soon as you have a wikpedia page, you'll have a facebook page!!!????)

I do worry about child predators, however they are among other things lazy, cheap, and beyond craig's list don't seem very tech savvy, so that's somewhat reassuring.

I am also reminded of my best ex-boyfriend Mark. He said he couldn't get into trouble growing up in Sunnyvale (in the 1960-70s), because everyone in town knew his mom, and they would always say "I saw Mark at the blah blah," so he knew he was busted before he even started.

I'm hoping the losses we sustain re: privacy (it's pretty much gone) may be outweighed by the gains we make in the "global village" arena. But then, I'm a cock-eyed pessimist :)