Monday, December 6, 2010

Who is LGC Smith?

Who is LGC Smith?

I loved the idea of this topic as soon as it came up. And I was lucky enough to randomly be assigned to LGC. We’ve known each other for fifteen years, we’ve been critique partners for thirteen years, and we’ve been friends forever.

I know what you all want to know. And because it’s switch week, I’m going to tell you.

What do LGC’s initials stand for?

L is for....

Loyal: she is the most loyal person I know. She is always on your side. When you’re down over something (rejection, bad review, your children’s shenanigans) she will discourse for five or ten or fifteen (depending on the severity of the issue) minutes about why you can’t let it get you down. And by the time she’s finished, you feel a hundred times better because her arguments are really good and she’s really smart.

side note: She’s so loyal that if you did perhaps rob a bank with Sophie, she would ask you what you needed and then find a way to get it for you.

G is for....

Genius: LGC is really smart, the kind of smart that if you think too long about it, you start to censor your words and thoughts because YOU want to sound smart around her. But then the discussion becomes so fascinating because she knows a lot about a LOT of stuff, that you forget that you’re trying to sound smart because you are caught up in the subject and no longer worried about sounding dumb. She has that teacher ability to pull interesting thoughts and emotions out of you with seeming ease.

C is for....

Centered: LGC is really grounded in what is important. Family is her first priority. But if you’re lucky enough to be a good friend, you’re about as close as family. Which means she’ll talk you down off the ledge when life (or your kids or significant other or....) kicks you in the ass and you get mired in the moment. She reminds you that this will pass and re-focuses you on what is truly important. Family.

So, now you know what the LGC really means. But just in case you want are some fun facts about LGC Smith:

*she taught English at Cal Berkeley

*she lived in Guam as a kid

*she taught English on a reservation in South Dakota

*she has this fantastic visual memory, she knows exactly where a piece of research is in a notebook

*she bakes fabulous gluten free yummies

*she is an amazing writer. In my mind I compare her to Tolkien (you know he made up Elvin languages for Lord of the Rings). LGC uses Rosetta Stone in Gaelic to work out the language for her books. She has maps of the area and diagrams everything out. She can describe what the village looks like now AND what it looked like hundreds of years ago.

*she is really, really flexible

*she cooks incredible jams and jellies

*she is a fantastic aunt

*personally I think of her more as a big sister than a friend. And I’m truly thankful for her.



Martha Flynn said...

YES! TOLKIEN! That's a G-is-for-genius comparison!

Lynn is my faaaaaaaavorite and come Apocalypse time I am kidnapping her (and her jamming supplies) into my lair.

Sophie Littlefield said...

lisa, what a beautiful job you did capturing everything lovely about lynn. she did it again last night - despite juggling her own problems, she listened lovingly to me whine and made it right. G is for generous in addition to Genius.

Mysti said...

I can see LGC as the innocent-seeming front man for the casino caper. Towns that run on greed are in awe of smart :)

She'll set up the caper and be out of town without ever breaking a sweat. With that adorable smile...

Juliet Blackwell said...

I always find that when I'm around LGC, my emotions are at war: I want to hear her hold forth for an hour or two about her work and thoughts, AND I want to tell her absolutely *everything* going on with me so she can give me some warm, wonderful, exciting new take on my life! And, of course, there's never enough time for either, much less both.
We're so lucky to have you in our midst!

Rachael Herron said...

Julie - you pegged it. I want to listen to LGC talk about ANYTHING (I loved rooming with her -- I would ask questions just to enjoy the answers), and I also pour my heart out. I am SO lucky to count her as my friend.

L.G.C. Smith said...

Thank you, Lisa, and all of you. You guys humble me. And make me think perhaps I might try to be a bit less chatty...Oh, who am I kidding? Blabbermouths R Us. :)

Unknown said...

LGC--no! Not less chatty!! We want to hear you all day long :) xoxoxo

Sophie--I started with two words per letter and L was Loyal and Loving and G was *Generous* and Genius :) But then I decided to go one characteristic per letter

Adrienne Bell said...

Lisa, you did a great job with this. I love that you two got each other for this switch topic. It just seems right.

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