Thursday, November 4, 2010


-- Adrienne Miller

The boy I had a crush on when I was seventeen years old drank black coffee and smoked Marlboro Reds. I thought he was coolest person in the whole world. And being the coolest person ever, I knew there was only one way that he would notice me. I had to be equally cool.
So I got myself a pack of smokes and started hanging out at the same cafe he did.I tried reading the same books he did and listening to the same music. I did everything I could think of to seem cool short of wearing a black beret. 

And with a little persistence, and a will stronger than Churchill’s, I won the day. Not only  did I get the cool boy, I was substantially cooler myself, thanks to my new accessories, coffee and cigarettes. 
Well, along with just about every other deeply-held opinion I had when I was seventeen, it turned out I was dead wrong. About the boy and the cigarettes, of course. Not about the coffee. Never about the coffee.
I have only one true addiction, and coffee is it. Tea is lovely. Espresso is seriously overrated. Soda isn’t my thing. There is but one caffeine delivery system for me, and it is a plain, good ol’ cup of coffee. Or two. Or three.

I can’t do anything until I’ve had my coffee, and it makes everything that I do better. I write better with a mug next to me. I’m more social. I am surprisingly less anxious in new places when I’m clutching a paper cup in my hands. Not to mention productive. No coffee, no go.
I love the stuff. I really do.
So if you’ll excuse me, it’s NaNoWriMo time, and if I don’t get another pot on here something quick, this thing just ain’t gonna get writ. 


Mario said...

I quit trying to look cool. Years ago I borrowed a friend's motorcycle. When I stopped at a corner, I thought: Don't I look COOL! Then the bike started to tip and was too heavy to keep upright. The bike fell over and pinned me to the ground. A car stopped and the driver helped me up. Yeah, I was Mr. Cool.

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Yeah, I started smoking at 18 to look cool, and I thought I really did. So glad I quit! Meanwhile, thanks to my husband, I'm a real coffee addict. He makes the best cup around and gets my day off to a great start. After that, writing is so much smoother!

Martha Flynn said...

You absolutely must take a picture of yourself in that pose!!! You would rock it.

Sophie Littlefield said...

just one little thing i love about you is that you will always say yes to a cup of coffee! it's nice to be able to depend on something in this world. :)

Rachael Herron said...

Now I'm craving coffee. You make it sound soooo good....

Jeorge Mackay said...

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