Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Martha Advocates An Apocalypse in Every Story

Nothing makes a story like a good apocalypse.

I don't mean an end-of-the-world-biblical-zombie apocalypse. Although I do like those.

I mean apocalypse for the classic greek translation - "lifting of the veil."

More broadly, the moment where your character knows something, can't unknow it, and everything is changed. Sometimes the moment is a big twist, sometimes a small character moment.

My top five favorite apocalypse moments in story (spoiler alert).

1. Planet of the Apes - Charlton Heston is on earth! Anyone else's heart drop when the Statue of Liberty came into frame?

2. Ender's Game. Games can be deadly.

3. Soylent Green. It's people. And it's gross. And Charlton is screwed again.

4. Memento. Guy Pierce has actually convinced himself the truth are lies, and will never have the closure he seeks.

5. Life of Pi. There was no tiger.


Sophie Littlefield said...

i thought of that planet of the apes scene a bunch of times while writing...

Unknown said...

That Planet of the Apes scene has to go down as the most's pretty epic

Juliet Blackwell said...

I love that definition for apocalypse -- I never knew that! It's perfect, and how great to think of it in the context of fiction.

And re the Planet of the Apes scene -- my friend developed a phobia about the Statue of Liberty from that scene, and any time she sees it "fall" in movies she gets totally weirded out!

Rachael Herron said...

You got me thinking about my book again... Good job! You meant that to happen, didn't you? :)

Martha Flynn said...

Ooh - there has got to be a name for this Statue of Liberty phobia resulting from Planet of the Apes. Did you ever watch the whole series? Which shows how Charlton's interaction with the apes is what eventually sets off a chain reaction that causes their uprising in the past? Total mind frak, lemme tell ya!

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