Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After a week of debauchery...okay, not exactly debauchery, just lots of late nights and copious amounts of chardonnay, dirty martinis, and now thanks to Sophie and Juliet, Laphroig (not all on the same night people!)...my post was not up at midnight.

I outlined several ideas in a trusty notebook during the RWA conference:

Naming Your Characters with as much thought and consideration as naming your babies. I search through ethnic names and historically common names and current baby name books. I give thought to their personality and their family background. I try to have the name *mean* something, even if I'm the only one who ever gets the context.

Name Dropping: a vertible who's who of who the Pens hung with at the recent RWA conference in Orlando. We played with some of our past guest posters, Tawny Weber, Karin Tabke, Alicia Rasley, Rachelle Chase, Kristan Higgins, Sarah Maclean, and more. Because we're a social lot, we met some new guest posters this past week that we'll introduce you to this year. This was all outlined in a more pithy and cute manner, but frankly my notebook is sitting in my carry-on in the entryway floor with my suitcase, unpacked.

I also had a few more ideas, unformed except for a paragraph or so in my head.

What you're getting is, the 'I woke up at five am-ish, realized I forgot to finish my post, and load into Google rush job!' post. (Now that I'm back on the West Coast, my body has decided to go East Coast).

Here it is, a completely different idea: The name calling post. I'm a Do-Do Head Or a Doo-Doo Head. Just pick whichever you prefer. :) Or call me a new one...cause honestly, I'm going back to bed.



L.G.C. Smith said...

I feel your pain. :)

Anonymous said...

You're a sweetheart, not a dodohead (haven't heard that since 3rd grade! you go girl!).

That RWA conference seems like it kicks mystery writer conference BUTT if the body count is any indication :)

Happy to wait until you all are recovered for all the news and haps ;)

Sophie Littlefield said...

i knew that if i kept pouring bits of laphroaig, you would eventually crack :) ask me later what I sampled last night....

Kaye George said...

Wait, did someone say Laphroig? Where?

Jeorge Mackay said...

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