Monday, August 2, 2010

My Favorite Topic Ever

L.G.C. Smith

Due to poor planning (the RWA Conference ended yesterday -- I think I can safely say a productive time was had by all the Pens in attendance), I didn't leave myself enough time to do NAMES justice. Because, y'all (I'm in Austin just now and have been for five weeks of 2010 -- one picks things up) know, NAMES are my thing. I need time. Quality focus time not disrupted by: Cracking up over someone's (not mine) Spanx balled up in a corner of the bathroom. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones (hey there, all of you, especially Rebecca Hagan Lee and Betty Rosenthal -- I've missed you guys!). Getting so nervous (after all these years of writing professionally) when talking to an absolutely delightful agent that I tossed my drink in the air, splattering both of us. Yes, I did. Fortunately, it was water. Still hysterically mortifying.

So I'm going to punt, but only until Saturday. Or Sunday. If it's okay with the rest of the Pens (I'm not sure we have rules exactly, but we do have practices).

And to anyone who can put more OTT punctuation, parentheses, and so on in fewer words (and still be roughly readable), I'll buy you a drink next year at RWA in New York. A real one. If you promise to spill it on an agent, editor, publisher, NYT Bestselling Author, bookstore buyer, marketing or publicity director, I'll buy you ten.

See you this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow, RWA sounds like a blast! Tell us more!

Adrienne Bell said...

I'm all for the punt plan. I can be patient. Well, not really, but I can pretend to be patient.

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