Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Twitter Zeitgeist

I'm a Twitter junkie. There's something about 140 characters that I find so wonderful -- I sometimes find myself in entirely innapropriate situations composing those perfect few words which will convey what I mean in the best way possible. While stuck in traffic (no texting while driving, I swear), I think (often) of the best, wittiest thing you've EVER heard. You will DIE when you read this one. But by the time I pull over, it's no longer funny or even relevant.

Isn't that just the way with Twitter?

I don't use Twitter for big announcements. (Okay, sometimes I do.) I don't use it to complain (very much). I don't use it to be passive-aggessive (well, I did the other night during a domestic argument, but I swear to God it was the first time).

I use it to sound off. I use it to catch up. And more than that, I use it to remain connected to people I really care about. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling -- standing in line at the post office with a few minutes to kill, I can eavesdrop on friends' lives. I can catch up, commiserate, and congratulate with just a few strokes of the phone's keyboard.

And it's that eavesdropping that brings me to this week's word: Zeitgeist. Twitter, for as long as it lasts (LOVE MAY IT LIVE), is a window onto the spirit of today's culture. The trending topics alone show us what the majority of people are thinking about on Twitter. Last week, when the Mehserle trial's verdict was returned, I sat glued to Twitter, feeling comforted as other people were scared, upset, and nervous. I searched #riot to see if anyone was planning anything in my neighborhood (so I could avoid it, not join it). I was with people then, even though I was alone in my house.

And now, I have such a treat for you today. I mean, really. If I'd made you my special seven-layer cookies (which actually only have six layers, because I leave the nuts out, leaving more room for chocolate chips), you would not thank me more for what I'm going to give you right now.


Twistori only takes a moment to glance at. But watch out: It's compulsively addictive. You will want to sit and watch. I think I could sit in front of it with my knitting and watch for hours. I know I'd learn a lot if I did. Do yourself a favor and click. For just a moment, be immersed in the Twitter Zeitgeist. It's pretty awesome. (Gleaned just a second ago: RAWR means I love you in dinosaur. If you see one that knocks you out, copy and paste it and bring it for us in the comments, mmm?)


Unknown said...


okay, so I LOVE you but also kind of hate you because I can't stop looking at twistori. I'm in at work at 5:30 am to take a class that's being given somewhere in Europe. I have just ten minutes to get my eyeballs out of twistori...can't...break...away!

Book idea from twistori: I hate that I'm a twin.

Now my life is full of questions! What is "lo" and why can't he find the ideal one?

Trying not to worry about where English language is headed :)

I don't really get Twitter, channel management problems, but twistori make sense to me. Plus all the cool hashtags like #ThingsNotToSayAfterSex....

thanks Rachael!!!

Rachael Herron said...

I got SO many ideas for books when watching it earlier today....

jessica~ said...

I'm partial to the BELIEVE tweets:
"I'm no one but I BELIEVE You make me someone in the right time"

"i believe in nothing, but the beating of our hearts."

"i believe this is heaven to no one else but me"

Juliet Blackwell said...

"I believe my neighbors are plotting my death" #paranoidmuch?


Thanks for introducing me to yet another way to waste time! Spider Solitaire is SO last year ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm also partial to the BELIEVE tweets:

"I believe you are not whores, so stop wearing whore clothing."

"I believe I've blown my funny fuse."

Sophie Littlefield said...

Perfect, perfect post this week, and as a former twitter-hater-fear-er, you have captured why i don't hate it so much and may in fact kind of love it now and then. And twistori....wow. I think for me it will be a wee-hours-of-the-morning thing. I like voices when they feel like no one is listening, they are extra truthful then

Enjay said...

I feel the memories coming and I freeze...I wish you were here.

I believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stranger.

The weather is how I feel right now...rain coming down in my heart -_-

I feel so left behind. Trying to get the hang of using twitter.

Sorry, I'm too slow to copy paste so I had to type them in. I may have inadvertently corrected spelling errors but the gist of the sentiment is there. :) thanks so much for the link!

Enjay said...

oooo went to close the window and this was scrolling by
Dear characters,
i think we are reaching the final third of the book. Please get moving toward an ending, thanks. #amwriting

Adrienne Bell said...

You know I love the Twitter. I love when I check it and get a little snapshot of my friends at that moment...ok, and a couple of people I only wish were my friends ;-)

Rachael Herron said...

I love these! I love that I was worried about missing things on Twistori (trying to let go of that fear) and you were all capturing snapshots for me -- esp. your second one, Enjay! Nice. Sophie, I too, am going to save it for late nights (maybe with a little scotch)...

Martha Flynn said...

there were some GEMS on that site, damn!

Anonymous said...

Twistori is awesome! I have two favorites from this morning. The first is "I LOVE fine white boys at work!! They make my job so much easier....." It makes me wonder what that person does for a living.

The second is "I BELIEVE I slept with the devil." I'm not sure why that made me giggle, but it did. Maybe it's my dark sense of humor.

Thanks for introducing me to Twistori! You know what I'll be watching!

Unknown said...

I found a few giggles, but had to quit not long after going there. Horrible spelling and atrocious sentence construction drive me up the wall. I think that is why most of the people I follow on Twitter (that are actually sent to my phone) are all writers of some sort.

Although I must say that I really liked, "I believe I have a new favorite lunch spot."

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