Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rachael is a Little Daring

I was always a rule-follower. I was one of those kids who knew where she was supposed to be when the whistle on the playground blew. I knew where to line up, I knew who should be behind me, and I knew where everyone else was supposed to be, too. I'd glare at kids who ran around after the bell had gone off. Didn't they KNOW they weren't supposed to use the water fountain right before we lined up?

I've gotten over most if it. I try not to care when other people break the rules, and honestly, I'm pretty good at not caring -- as long as they're not hurting someone else, I can't be bothered. If someone gets free cable because the company has forgotten to turn it off, good for them. If a person with twenty items in their cart is in front of me in the 9-items-or-less line, I pick up the latest People magazine, grateful I have a little more time with it.

The best part is knowing exactly what the rules are so I can break them in small ways. It feels daring. Dangerous. The better you know the rules, the more fun it is to bend them. I like to go in the Out door at the supermarket. I like to enter parking lots where they have painted an exit arrow. I've been known to movie-hop. I like to rip off the tags that say "Do Not Remove." I really enjoy washing my dry-clean-only clothes.

And I love knowing the rules about writing that I've already broken:

No one keeps writing after college.
It's impossible to get an agent without knowing someone.
No one sells their first completed manuscript.

Now I'm working on disproving the rule that No one makes a living from writing. Wanna break the rules with me? Who's in?


Mario Acevedo said...

I'm in. I like how you break rules. You inspire me.

Juliet Blackwell said...

I'm in, I'm in!!! Yes, Rach and Mario, let's all break those rules together ;-)

Sophie Littlefield said...

ha. You have a can't-catch-me streak a mile wide, missy!

Anonymous said...

I'm in.

Ya know how I love to imagine I'm a rulebreaker? I'm not. I accidentally went all the way through a 10-item limit lane with a FULL cart, and nearly cried from the guilt after realizing my iniquity.

But that rule, well... Yep, I'm in.

Jeanne B. said...

I am SO in with you, dear. Those rules you mentioned? They're called "limiting beliefs" in the Law of Attraction world. You've busted through them effortlessly (or so it appears). I'd love to know your secrets! :-)

Adrienne Bell said...

You're not a rule breaker; you're a game changer, Rachael. And don't you forget it.

Unknown said...

Love the rules you break, keep going!!!!!!

One of these days I'll just stop expecting other people to follow rules like don't take cuts, and be gracious when someone apologizes. Then my life will get much simpler :)

Rachael Herron said...

Awww. I just adore y'all.

Unknown said...

I'm in. :)

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