Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Martha Hands Out Anniversary Presents

Happy Anniversary Ladies! We made it - one year! You know what we deserve? Presents.

GPS tracker linked to all of us

Sophie might be our fearless leader but Lisa, you're our Mama Bear. You're always worrying about us, how we're doing, and where we are so maybe this will set your mind at ease!

yarn, yarn and lots of yarn

You've been so much fun and I swear your face only has one expression - cheery. Even when you're in fierce-protective mode or being grumpy-pants because someone was mean to a fellow Pen, you can't get rid of those rosy cheeks! I especially love how your eyes light up when you're showing off your latest sweater creation. Also, we don't have matching PensFatales mittens yet. I'm just sayin'!!


I get it. You're big jetsetters. You run off to conferences. You vacation in Ireland. You fly off at a moment's notice to see babies being born (congrats btw!!!!). We're impressed. Now stay home. We miss you.

a pocket protector

Your cool quotient is a little too high for this group. It's also effortless which makes it even higher. Here's a little something to bring you down to our geek/nerd level. Don't leave us! *clings desperately to Gigi*

a video camera

You're the big mystery in the group to me probably because we get to spend the least amount of time together. I know there's a touch of mischief and a touch of magic to you and that's why I insist you videotape your day so I can live vicariously through you!

a book contract

I saved best for last. Adrienne, you're my partner in crime. Last year, when we both re-joined RWA, we didn't know any of these crazy ladies (except we knew not to make eye contact with that Sophie chick cuz odds are if she's laser-sighted you then she wants something.) I didn't realize how far out of your comfort zone you were, because you were so witty and warm I figured you were right at home. I'm so excited that the NYT has pimped Sophie and Target is onto Rachael and Julie is running up the charts, but when the world is finally onto you Adrienne, it's gonna be insane.

(p.s. I kinda "stole" these presents so fingers crossed no graphics police are around)


Rachael Herron said...

I'm gonna whip up a cozy for Adrienne's contract.
You rock. xo

Juliet Blackwell said...

Ha! If you followed me around with a camera it would mostly consist of me sitting and staring at the computer screen. Not really riveting, I'm afraid. That's broken up by the occasional: acquisition of coffee, yelling at/nagging teenage son, gardening/laundry/housework (whatever is most in need of doing before someone calls the authorities to intervene)... and then the VERY occasional sitting around in a bar drinking too much. Such a glamorous, mysterious life ;-)

Adrienne Bell said...

I got all weepy reading this. And here all I got you was these earmuffs so you don't have to listen to us talk about the steamy scenes.
You know I love you.

Gigi Pandian said...

Martha, dear, I think you'll revise your opinion that I am not a nerd when you see my post tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Love this!!!! Are you all going to get little microchips implanted?? :) :)

camille Minichino said...

You guys have way too much fun. I want to be your first alternate when one of you becomes SO big that your agents/managers tell you that you must accept the offer to replace Oprah and -- oh, what am I saying, you'll never leave each other!

Rachael said...

Also, I decided what to get YOU: A sneaker-shoe-phone that recharges with walking -- it will come in handy in the Apocalyspe. You're welcome!

Martha Flynn said...

Oh Camille you will have to rip my Pens out of MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!! (You hear me, ladies?) But you know we love guests bloggers... :):):):):)

Rachael, srsly, if that exists I need it. Plus it will help me run away from Adrienne's dirty sexy talk. :)

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