Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Martha Gardens To Eat

Two years ago, the hubby and I purchased our first home complete with giant (by San Francisco standards) backyard. Only problem? The yard looked like this:

Which is to say..I couldn't eat anything in it. There were nearly three dozen rose plants. Quite a few dead trees. The landscape required significant weeding, watering and nurturing...all for what? So I could look at it?

Oh, hell no.

So I did what anyone would do. I ripped up, tore out, and killed 95% of the plants in that backyard. I don't care if you tell me there were prize-winning roses in there. Unless they taste like donuts, they had to go.

Instead, I created a culinary haven with:

HERBS! (from L to R, lavender, thyme, parsley, cilantro, rosemary)


And a bevy of FRUIT! (cherry, apple, pear and plum trees still a year or two from edible production, not pictured: lemon and lime trees, blueberries)

The yard is still a work in process, as you can see. We've had a few failures - namely some green beans which yielded great but tasted like dust. We have a brick patio in the back that needs furniture. Next to it is a little patch where we'll plant strawberries. One of the veggie boxes is awaiting a crop of brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

I kept a couple of rose bushes...just so I didn't feel like such a bully. The tea tree has been trimmed but still gives the yard a splash of color and height. I can't eat those guys...but I can sure as heck eat most of everything else.


Jill said...

And thus you are prepared for the zombie apocolypse. So proud. (And I'll be even more proud if you find a way to grow donuts.)

Gigi Pandian said...

I love your garden -- I can't wait until our fledgling garden is as big as yours!

L.G.C. Smith said...

A brilliant garden revision! My dad would love it even more than I do. He would claim you as one of his own, and he'd help you find green beans that tasted good. He says it's the one vegetable that even farmers' markets can't get to you fresh enough. He'll be here in three weeks if you'd like to set up a consult.

Unknown said...

I am shocked that there was no mention of the apocalypse in this love your garden :)

Martha Flynn said...

Whoever figures out how to grow post-apoc donuts is going to rule the world, srsly. (Lookie, Lisa, my apoc reference! hehe)

Gigi - I'm taking a peek at your garden soon! Maybe we can both get a consult form Lynn's dad!!!

Rachael Herron said...

I've been waiting to look at this post -- GORGEOUS. I love your garden, you know that.