Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Late to the Party

I’ve got a love/hate thing going on with technology. And I’m definitely a late adopter or sometimes a total non-adopter. Warning!! Some of the information you are about to read is distressing to techies. :)

I don’t have a microwave.

There I said it. (The last time I told someone this, they sputtered, literally for at least five minutes. :) ) I’ll give you a minute or two to get over the shock. When you can read again. Come on back.....

My writing laptop is ten years old and it has NEVER been on the internet. I know I could probably get it to hook up if I wanted to....

But I. Don’t. Want. To.

And of course I can get on the internet (I’m here, aren’t I?) Just not with my writing laptop. We have a big ol’ clunky desktop that surfs the web and I’ve got my Blackberry for reading email and tweeting.

The promise of new technology is great. It really is. But half the time (or more) it doesn’t work. Not the way it is touted.

My oven is supposed to bake 8 trays of cookies evenly. Uh, nope sorry, doesn’t even work on a measly two trays.

My Blackberry can surf the web (very SLOWLY) but I don’t need to surf the web on my phone.

My iPod can play movies but on a freaking one inch screen, why would I want to? Movies were meant to be seen large not infinitesimally small. In the famous words of Riley Poole. “It shouldn’t be done. Not it can’t be done, it shouldn’t be.”

Before you cast me out of our brave new world, I definitely think that we need creative geniuses out there coming up with space aged, funky Jetson-type gadgets.

But, stop releasing new technology before it is ready. Or maybe before I’m ready. :)


And just for reference, I HAD a microwave but a few years ago we decided to get rid of it and with the exception of one or two times (usually when entertaining and someone brings something that needs to be heated up in the microwave) I don’t miss it.

Oh, and how do I live without one? I use my stove top and my oven. Shocking, I know.


L.G.C. Smith said...

A microwave at my parents' house (yep, the one in Rapid City that I mentioned yesterday) once superheated a cup of coffee that erupted like a volcano when my sister dumped a sugar cube into it. She had horrible burns, and she was lucky she got her eyes shut so fast.

When my brother started doing research on all the possibly bad things in his house that might be causing his autistic daughter to have elevated toxic metal levels, he also learned that microwaves adversely affect proteins in food. Who knew? But he put Crime Scene tape on his built-in microwave to remind his wife not to use it.

Juliet Blackwell said...

I finally broke down and got a microwave two years ago on the theory that my teenage son would start cooking for himself (I'm such a starry-eyed optimist.) Heh. Heeheehee. Yeah...no.
I use it occasionally, but here's the big secret: I never missed it before, and I don't much care about it now. Amazing how well toaster ovens work for most things!

Sophie Littlefield said...

The world would certainly be a better place if we had all the Jetsons stuff - most of all, the automatic hairdo machine. If I never had to fuss with my hair again, I'd probably have time to cook everything from scratch and then I wouldn't need a microwave either!

Camille Minichino said...

A blackberry? An iPod? A laptop AND a desktop?

I'd say you were well into technology, Lisa, and that's a good thing, because you couldn't blog (another techie thing) otherwise, and I'd miss you!

Martha Flynn said...

I also don't have a microwave. yay!!!! (And I also love me some Riley Poole)

Rachael Herron said...

You know what? The REASON you still have a laptop that's ten years old is because it's never been on the internet. That's a good idea....

Kaye George said...

I get so much writing done when I turn that little notification off that tells me when an email has arrived. My daughter doesn't have a microwave--does that count?

Unknown said...

I have to flip my blackberry over so it's face down and I'm not allowed to look for emails until I've written a certain amount :) LOL re: microwave--it's a personal choice. :)

Camille--I know, I know...except I have 3rd or 4th generation devices. My dad was in the computer business (starting in the 60's) and my husband is in the computer business. First and second generation NEVER work right. Ya gotta wait until they get the bugs out. :) And thank you!