Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Martha Breaks Down A Basic Shoe Wardrobe

Some of you are shoe experts. Read no further. The rest of you are delicate shoe caterpillars waiting for someone to cocoon you in guidance so you can emerge killer shoe butterflies.

But fashion magazines are confusing and conflicting. Finances are strained. Choices are many. Where to invest? In a moderate climate, here's the order in which you should invest in shoes:

1. A sensible pair of athletic shoes should always be your first priority. Why? Because your health is important and also because there could be a natural disaster, and you'd need to walk your ass somewhere safe. (Note - these are not apocalypse friendly shoes - apocalypse shoes are a whole nutha level best left to another post.)

2. Work friendly shoes for whatever it is you do. For me, that's biz friendly attire which means sensible pumps. I recommend round toe (the days of foot-binding are over, people) and stacked mid-length heels in black and one other neutral color to match with the greatest variety of pant hems, fabrics, and skirts. Details like straps and buckles can add to your personal style if need be.

(The Taryn Rose brand is definitely an investment piece, but the shoes are designed by a foot doctor and I swear you can walk in them for days and not get moody and chew out someone at a board meeting thus keeping you employed and able to buy more shoes.)

3. Boots. I like Frye's cowgirl style in black and wear them with EVERYTHING because this is the shoe that's "me" but if you're the sexy type then this is the place to go for a pointy toe or stiletto heel because the extra support of the boot will make the style more comfortable.

4. Flats. One ballet style with a kitten heel and one regular flat with a decorate feature like rouche detail or a floret. One in black, the other in a different neutral. Again, great for short hemmed jeans or work pants and adorable with skirts and dresses.

5. Stunner shoes. I'm a fan of stacked heel and a t-strap. Classic shoes like heeled pumps and d'orsays seem more biz friendly to me so I save stunner shoes for the shoe that no one else is wearing but that still has something classic about it so it'll last from season to season and could, if need be, act as a backup work shoe.

6. Summer shoes. You're going to beat the crap out of these so feel free to cheap it up. One pair of flat thong sandals and a summer sandal like a wedge. If you keep the wedge neutral then it also might work for biz wear on warm days, but do something cute with the thong sandals because there's no need to be uber neutral when you're sipping pina coladas on a beach.

So there! Go forth! Spend with confidence!


Rachael Herron said...

Sigh of happiness. I love a list. This actually made me go to Zappos. I didn't BUY anything. But I went. That's something.

Rachael Herron said...

Sigh of happiness. I love a list. This actually made me go to Zappos. I didn't BUY anything. But I went. That's something.

Sophie Littlefield said...

yeah, same. In areas where I lack confidence - like fashion - I really wish someone would take me forcefully by the shoulders, steer me into the store and tell me what to buy. And M, still grateful for the fashion advice at last year's national. will be leaning on you again for help!

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