Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chuck & Cindy


I never wanted to be a princess. I’d rather be Queen, thank you very much. I mean, as long as you’re dreaming, why mess around in the minors when you can go straight to the  big league, right?

But there was always a single exception. Cinderella. 

From the gory Grimm to the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Disney, I Love Cinderella. That’s right capital “L” love. I’m not messing around here, people. What’s not to love? Kindness beats cruelty. Love wins the day.  And, for once in a fairy tale, the girl gets to be the hero. Nobody saves Cindy. Cindy’s got everything she needs to save herself--courage, friends and love.

And one hell of a calling card.

 Her glass slipper. 

A shoe so uniquely hers that proves her identity. 

I always wanted one...Ok, maybe not a real one. For starters, I never really learned to walk in heels. Add to that the stress of literally walking on glass, and I’d be a wreck. But a metaphorical glass slipper, a shoe that told the world who I really am, that I can handle.

I’ve come close. Look at these lovelies.

I Love Converse. (There’s that capital “L” again.) All canvas and rubber soles. In a world of designer high heels, I’m a Chuck Taylor girl. There’s nothing I can’t do in my Cons--do the laundry, meet my fairy godmother, go on a date with my very own Prince Charming. Hell, one day I might even wear them to the ball.


Sophie Littlefield said...

or a Ritas. I can just see you at the Ritas darlin, in a beautiful dress and your matching Cons!!

L.G.C. Smith said...

I like your style, kiddo. :)

Martha Flynn said...

Ooh - converse at the Ritas - that would be awesome