Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome guest Rachelle Chase

Rachelle Chase is an award-winning romance author, speaker, business analyst, and model. Her most recent books, MEN ON FIRE, SEX LOUNGE, and SIN CLUB were published by Kensington Publishing. When she’s not writing (or procrastinating), she loves to dream up fun ways to promote her books – such as her “Finding Derek” contest, where hunky guys competed online to be the hero of SEX LOUNGE. In fact, she’s got some fun contests and promotions underway now. For the holidays, if you buy a copy of her hunky firefighter book, MEN ON FIRE, at participating bookstores, 15% of sales will be donated to the San Francisco Firefighter’s Toy Program. And, she and co-sponsor Leigh Michaels are gearing up for the 4th Annual “Chase the Dream” contest for writers – their motto is “We pick winners” because each year, some finalists have landed agents or book contracts as a result of the contest. It’s free, fun, interactive, and educational, so Rachelle encourages all romance writers to enter. Details are at her web site,

My friends and family know that, in addition to being a great procrastinator, I’m a great “starter.” I love, love, LOVE to start things. The only things that get finished – like, oh, say … books, day job deliverables, Christmas shopping, or shaving … are things with deadlines (in the case of shaving, a date or a doctor’s appointment is a surefire deadline that’ll have me taking a razor to my arm pits).

With the exception of crafts. Deadlines do not work with crafts.

Unlike Rachel, I oftentimes start making a handcrafted item for a loved one’s birthday or special occasion at the last minute (see procrastination above). Which means that the I-just-had-to-make-it gift gets stuffed into my Started Projects bag.

Case in point, the Granny Square projects. When my mom quit her day job to become a cross-country truck driver, I started a blanket for her, in hopes it’d keep her warm in her truck at night. On the day before her birthday, I FedExed it to her in Florida, half finished, and with the promise that I’d finish it later. Ten years (and a career change for my mom) later, it’s back in my bag and I’m still promising to finish it.

The second granny square project was a baby blanket I started for my niece. She’s six now and far too big for her blanket. I’m planning to finish it in time for my great-niece.

Then came my Small Project phase. Thinking that perhaps smaller projects would have a chance of getting finished, I asked an ex-boss to teach me a simple knit stitch – a large, loopy stitch that would enable me to finish a scarf quicker than knitting row upon row of small, tight stitches. Only, she didn’t show me how to finish-off or tie-off or whatever it’s called. So I don’t know how to cut the yarn without unraveling the whole thing – a perfect excuse for not finishing.

Next was the Fuzzy Yarn phase. I bought beautiful, expensive (to me) yarns, figuring that if I loved the yarns, I’d be excited to finish the projects. Not. It’s been so long, I have no idea what these projects were supposed to be when finished.

This year, I’ve entered the Teeny Tiny Project phase. And I’ve found the perfect project: Baby booties. They’re small, simple, and don’t take much time to finish. The fact that I don’t know anyone with a baby is no deterrent. I’m sure I’ll know someone by the time the first (and last?) pair’s finished.

Thank you, Penfatales, for having me as a guest. For without you and your deadline, this blog post never would have been finished.

Any other starters or procrastinators out there?

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Juliet Blackwell said...

Oh yes, this rings a bell with me! I'm a kindred soul -- great at starting things...maybe not so much for finishing them. I like to think of Our Kind as eternal optimists..."one day" is a staple of my vocabulary!
Thanks for stopping by with the Pens!

Sophie Littlefield said...

Oh Rachelle, I LOVE the granny squares. I'll crochet and idle away the hours with you any time! And PS love the new photo, GORGEOUS~

Rachelle Chase said...

Juliet, I LOVE that positive spin! I'm going to call myself that instead of a starter! :)

Sophie, let's add granny squares to our Board meeting agenda. :) thanks for the compliment. Lois Tema took that photo, too.

Leigh Michaels said...

Hey, I can help with one of those projects -- I can teach you how to cast off that scarf, and in fifteen minutes you'll be finished. ANOTHER great reason to plan a trip to Iowa next spring!

... Just don't ask to look at my craft room while you're here. It was bad enough before I stacked up the boxes of books to make another workbench, so I could build the Christmas room box -- which of course isn't finished yet though Christmas is next week... :-)

Rachael Herron said...

Oh, yeah.... I have whole boxes filled with half-done projects. Why does it feel so good to start? I'd like to throw all of them away someday and get a clean start (wonder if I ever will?).


Gigi Pandian said...

Oh, you're definitely a kindred spirit, Rachelle -- without a deadline, it's not getting finished in my life ;)

Rachelle Chase said...

You, my dear Leigh, are a "finisher," so I am not buying the story about the state of your room. LOL Perhaps you are a little delayed with completing the Christmas room box (what is that, btw?), but I know you'll get it done in time for Christmas!

And thank you for giving me another good reason to come to Iowa. I think we're now at 1,098. :-) I'm sold!

Rachael, after looking at all those beautiful sweaters you make, I can't believe you have a box full of half-done projects!

Oh, good, Gigi. It's wonderful to meet a kindred spirit. What would we do without deadlines?!

All this talk about projects has made me want to go start something ...

Martha Flynn said...

omg you guys are so frickin' talented it's ridiculous!

Rachelle Chase said...

Yes, THEY are talented, Martha.

But I am happy to announce that I did, indeed, start and finish a couple of Christmas gifts after this post ... Over Christmas, I found out that my cousin is pregnant, so I've been working on that baby blanket to give to her. There MIGHT be hope for me! :-D

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