Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rachael's New Year's Resolutions

I always make the same New Year's resolution.

I resolve not to stab anyone this year.

There. I made it again.

Having never stabbed anyone before and not having a huge problem with my temper makes this a pretty easy resolution to carry out. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to realize that once again I've made it successfully through another year.

You could do the same thing! Resolve not to shoot anyone! Or not to ride a go-cart at DisneyWorld! It's not exactly setting the bar low, it's just setting the bar where it can be reasonably reached.

And honestly, I don't need resolutions. I have goals. In 2010, I'll finish two (maybe three?) books. At least one will hit the shelves (in five countries). I'll learn how to sign them and give readings. I will write every day. I'll always be the professional with whom other professionals want to work. I'll promote the hell out of myself. That's really all I need to do, isn't it? Screw resolutions, I have gumption.

And I'm not stabbing a soul. I swear it.


Martha Flynn said...

Not stabbing anyone may have been easy before..but you're having with a new crowd now, Rachael! A very stabbidy crowd.

sophie Littlefield said...

"screw resolutions, I have gumption" - - love it!!

and martha i am just crowing to be part of a "stabbidy" crowd. you a writer or somethin?

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