Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pens in Action: LGC Smith's Birthday

Last night we had a birthday bash for our own L.G.C. All the Pens were there with a few other writer friends, Trish Cetrone, Cyndy Rymer and Alicia Rasley. Here are some pics from the event :)

Juliet, Rachael and Sophie chatting the kitchen....

Here are some candids (okay, not really, we posed)

Cyndy, Lisa and Adrienne

Alicia, Adrienne, Trish and Martha

Juliet, L.G.C. aka Lynn, Adrienne and Rachael

Gigi and Rachael



Rachael Herron said...

Oh, god, that one of me and Gigi? We're leaving, my bag is slung over my shoulder, and I'm so silly goofy happy!

What a great bash.

Martha Flynn said...

we are too too too too too cute

Unknown said...

that was such a terrific night. love all you guys, and feel so sad for all writers in the world who have not yet found their tribe. Get out there, everyone, turn over rocks and look high and low until you have built your community - you won't regret it!!

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