Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Traditions? Bring 'Em On

I can't say I'm one for traditions. I've spent Christmas in Orange County, Berkeley, San Francisco, London, and Cornwall. And that's just in my adult life. I've done Christmas trees to chili pepper lights, Nutcrackers to Christmas crackers (including the silly paper hats inside). I've eaten eight-course meals and leftover baked potatoes.

The important thing about these places and experiences is that they all captured the spirit of the season. I've been fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends wherever I've ended up for the holidays. I love going with the flow of whatever the traditions are where I happen to be.

Can you guess that I'm the child of two cultural anthropologists?

Be it walking down the street and catching the winter light reflecting off a festive ornament hanging in the midst of autumn leaves (left), or making silkscreen holiday cards to send friends (below), there really is something magical about this time of year.

My silkscreens are somewhere in an unpacked box in the garage, so I think I'll skip making hand-made cards this year. But I'll still figure something out to share the spirit of the season and connect with the people in my life. (I'm very much in the camp that favors sending tangible holiday greetings instead of an email, and I have even been known to send dinner party invitations by snail mail--yes, in this century.)

Every year is different. This year begins a new phase that's especially exciting. It's our first holiday season in our new house, and we're hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas at our place.

Don't worry--I have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

I'd better get cooking... Happy Thanksgiving!

-- Gigi


Juliet Blackwell said...

Congratulations on your first holiday season in your new house! That's such fun.
Like you, I appreciate the holidays, revel in the smells and the sights, yet don't put much emphasis on specific traditions. I just love the feelings of joy and reflection and the emphasis on the important things in life: friends and family. --Julie

Unknown said...

I love real paper invitations! Don't usually do them anymore but there is something so visceral about holding one in your hand. :) Happy Thanksgiving!! :) Enjoy the first one in your new house.

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