Friday, November 20, 2009

Bella Andre's New Moon Holiday

Thanks so much to Rachael for asking me to be a guest here today! She told me I'm supposed to talk about the Holidays, but really, don't you think that's too much to ask when NEW MOON (the movie) IS OFFICIALLY OUT TODAY?!?!

Yeah. I thought you'd agree.

So, here's the thing. I, like most people on the planet, read all of the Twilight series. (And am dying for Edward's POV Story to come out....what I've read online is mind blowing. Anyone know a date for release?)

And throughout, I was Team Edward. Not even a glimmer of Team Jacob. Didn't understand a damn thing about Team Jacob. Had words with my editor about not getting the point of Team Jacob. (How fun is it that one of the facets of my job is to talk about these characters with my editor?) Wondered why the author even tried to make us think Bella would consider being with Jacob? When really, he was just a sweet kid who turned into a wherewolf at some point because of some ancient curse.

When Twilight hit theatres, I watched (and giggled at some of it). And still, no love for Team Jacob.

Until I saw the first preview for New Moon. And um, here's the thing. It turns out I'm a sucker for thirty pounds of muscle. For a guy who says things like, "I know what Edward did to you. And I would never hurt you." For a guy who rescues the heroine out of the ocean and then levers himself over her on the beach so all of his lats and pecs and triceps and biceps flex just so. (On a side note, don't you kind of think the guy on my HOT AS SIN cover has it going on in a very Team Jacob kind of way? Love the wet t-shirt....)

And just like that, I've switched sides.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I can return (start!) with the whole holiday theme. In fact, going to a New Moon matinee next week is going to be my holiday gift to myself. I'd love to know what your gift for yourself is going to be? And if you haven't thought of one yet - if you've been solely focused on what to get everyone else - I say, why not put yourself at the very top of this list this year? Seems to me that we're all so busy trying to please other people, that we often forget to please ourselves.

One more thing - if anyone happened to go to the midnight showing of New Moon - tell all!

Happy Holidays!
Bella Andre

GIVEAWAY: I'd love to give a copy of WILD HEAT (the first book in my Men of Fire series) out to someone who comments!

HOT AS SIN (2nd book in Men of Fire Series) blurb:
Sam MacKenzie is a wildland firefighter with few peers. He's utterly fearless - there's no one waiting for him at home, no reason not to risk it all. Out of the blue, the only woman he's ever loved - the same one who ground his heart to dust ten years ago - shows up begging him for help. Dianna's sister is in big trouble somewhere in the rugged Colorado Rockies, and he's the only person Dianna knows with the skills to track her sister down.

Working together on their quest to find Dianna's sister, they soon realize there's a killer on the loose and his true target isn't Dianna's's Dianna herself. Using his extreme outdoor skills, Sam needs to track down the killer, before he loses the woman he loves forever.

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aimalyn said...

I, too, love Twilight, though I readily admit its flaws. I am also firmly on Team Edward (with a hint of Jacob). The Edward POV books are on hold until the author gets the bad taste out of her mouth from having them leaked onto the internet without her permission, possibly forever. It makes me SO SAD because I find Edward's insight so much more interesting than Bella's.

mariska said...

ohh, I love Twilight series too..and i've been waiting for the Midnight Sun (Edward's POV) to come out. Just waiting for SM to release it.

for your question : my gift will be your book!

And Bella, I really love to win this book. please count me in :)

Sophie Littlefield said...

I'm going to go see New Moon with my son. At the first movie we laughed the whole way through and at 800 pounds of popcorn. A perfect date with a 17-year-old....

Annie said...

I still don't like her writing style very much, but I have to admit...very compelling. And the movie eye candy doesn't hurt!

Martha Flynn said...

I say we all rent a theater to watch Eclipse together when the time comes.

I saw New Moon at a midnight showing last night and had to rip myself away from Team Jacob because alas, I cannot be Team-Under-18-Years-Old :) As this is the holidays AND my birthday is coming up next week, my gift to myself is to see New Moon every day for a week with a different friend. No. I'm not kidding. :)

Bella Andre said...

Good morning, ladies!! So nice to be here. And soooo jealous that you are heading out to see it with your son, Sophie! I'd love to go today, but alas, will have to wait until next week.

And I've decided to totally ignore the reviews the movie is getting so far. I'm going to love it anyway!!

Okay, off to mail a zillion books out to a zillion winners from a couple of weeks ago. And then to pack for a weekend in the wine country. I'll check back in later.

:) Bella

Bella Andre said...

Oh Martha - A woman after my own heart. Sounds like you liked it?!?!

Martha Flynn said...


Ok, there were *two* little points that annoyed me but whatevs - we'll have to compare notes when you get back. :)

But everything about this movie - the score, the direction, the special effects, the dialogue - felt better than the first.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to figure out what to do this weekend, now I know! :-) Genevieve

Lisa Hughey said...

Hi Bella! Thanks for visiting the Pens! :) I have a confession...I haven't read the books. I know I should--if only for market research-- but I'm not a big vampire fan. Too much early Anne Rice :)

Bella Andre said...

Lisa - I'm not a vampire fan either. But these were great books. Lots of tension between the characters.
:) Bella

RachieG said...

Hey Bella! I havn't read the Twilight books...but I enjoyed the movie. My mom has all four of the books and is re-reading them...we're going this weekend to see New Moon. She's excited and I'm kinda excited to see Taylor. Hottie!

I'm not super happy with the girl who plays Bella you think they made a good choice in picking her???

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