Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Martha Feels Blood Is Thicker Than Most Things

This post may make me wildly unpopular.

As I type this, I'm roasting a chicken and simmering a stock for split pea soup, but one eye is tied to my phone for the call that tells me I'm an auntie for the fourth time.

I already have three ridiculously cute sweet peas that call me Auntie Martha (or Mafa or Matha.)

#1 Cutie Pie - 6 years old, ridonculous vocab, never bends book pages
#2 Adorable Bee -4 years old, never without a tiara, loves tricking you into blowfish
#3 Lucky Ducky - 3 years old, mischievous grin, loves boisterous playtime

I love them all, even the one who isn't quite arrived. (Checking......ok, nope, not here yet.) They have fully formed personalities and amaze the crap out of me with how intelligent, funny, stubborn, and awesome they can be.

But if I'm going to be 100% honest, Adorable Bee gets me in the gut. Her little face incites a visceral reaction, a tightening in my stomach like I want to freaking kill someone if they so much as sneeze on her the wrong way.

It just comes to this. Of all the kids out there, I'm most attached to the ones related to me. Amongst them, it's Adorable Bee that makes me wanna die sometimes I love her so much when I look at her.

Now don't get your panties in a bunch.

I know you don't need to be blood related to love someone - my own family is proof of that. I also love the others and am fiercely Mama Bear (or Auntie Bear) towards all of them (srsly, don't look at 'em funny or I'll take your head off first and there will be no cops to ask questions later, trust me.)

What does it come down to?

Adorable Bee, quite frankly, reeks of me. She looks just like me. She sounds like I did at that age. Whatever material slipped through the blood between us mixed just right. It's like she's mine.

(Adorable Bee tricking me into a blowfish on my collarbone! I'm ticklish!)

I'm so excited to meet #4 (who is yet to be named, although I know the name will not be Logan, as that is the name of X-Men character Wolverine and thus, according to my brother, not to be randomly distributed to just anyone).

And eventually #5 or #6 or however many my siblings decide to hand out. And if another one turned out like Adorable Bee? Well, I just don't think my heart could take it.

** update #4 has arrived!! too new to tell if he's gonna look like me but hey, one can hope. i keed, i keed. **


L.G.C. Smith said...

None of my three nieces look much like me, but I can so see what you mean. With one of mine, I see strong behavioral traits that are so typical of my sister and our side of the family that I totally get her -- despite the fact that she looks so much like my sister's husband that some people don't realize my sister is her biological mother. Certain blocks of genes seem more apparent in all of them, though. Two of them have my grandmother's Skunk Eye down pat and have from Day 1. Fortunately the third one has her very own Skunk Eye, and it's just as formidable. No lineage should be without one.

Martha Flynn said...

He he - I hope you got to see your nieces in cute Halloween costumes? This niece in the pics is also very like me in personality - a terror!!

Sophie Littlefield said...

oh, you and your darn *adorable* side! How are you going to keep up your creepy cred with posts like this?
PS can I call you "Mafa"? Please?

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