Thursday, October 15, 2009

Capturing Grace

by Gigi

I didn't mean to do another photo-centric post so soon, but when I think of the topic of grace, I keep coming back to the fact that so much of what I love about photography is that it helps capture many of life's moments of grace.

Stopping on a bridge just after sunset:Walking through a plaza before it becomes crowded with people:
Pausing to look at the statue of an angel that was beautifully crafted centuries ago:
Interestingly, this isn't what I value most in writing. When I read a book, I'm not drawn to beautiful literary prose. I don't want a book to strive to give me moments of grace; I want it to suck me in and transport me somewhere. I don't want it to show me beauty; I want it to capture my imagination.

Come to think of it, I'd better get going so I can pick out a good book before I head to the airport, on my way to the Bouchercon mystery convention.


Lisa Hughey said...

Wow Gigi--love the angel picture too :) Hmmm, thinking web design. If my angel book sells we may need to talk....

Martha Flynn said...

I wish I could see things the way you did! How beautiful!

Jeorge Mackay said...

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