Friday, August 28, 2009

Something To Ponder On a Friday

Hey all - it's me, Sophie, checking in with an apology and a little tidbit for you to ponder.

Today's guest couldn't be here. Because I, um, forgot to tell her it was her day. My fault completely.

So instead, I am bringing you a favorite of mine, and while he may not be aware that he is our guest, Daniel Woodrell is here with what has got to be the best analogy for publishing in the world:

From Daniel Woodrell’s GIVE US A KISS: “Here and there chunks of land have been cleared by that type of person who has no quit in them at all. Clearing a farm in this terrain often takes generations of bickering and blood blisters to get it done, and these hillbillies stuck with it. As a reward for their diligence, they got to give a go at squeezing a living from chickens and hogs and stony fields of red, feckless dirt.”

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