Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Martha At The Movies

Movies are my life.

I mean that literally.

My packed, color-coded planner features movie premieres up to nine months in advance. If possible, I attend the midnight premiere because if you care about a movie, you'll love sleep over it and put your paying-job performance in jeopardy.

My personal life philosophies are peppered with movie lessons. Don't be a pushover. Marty McFly from Back to the Future will vouch for this. Sometimes, you just gotta dance it out. Kevin Bacon had it right in Footloose. Always trust the elderly, wise Asian guy. Thanks, Karate Kid.
My daily life dialogue is ripped from famous movies. Probably my most overused phrase is "No Shame." I say it 24 x 7. If a friend freaks out about gaining five pounds, taking too much vacation or being an obsessive Ren Faire fan, I tell her - hey - No Shame. It's gotten to the point where I've heard my friends echo the sentiment. I bet they have no idea where it's from - Rambo. Lieutenant Colonel Podovsky tells the titular character, "You may scream. There is no shame" while torturing the hell out of him.

I may be more obsessive than the average person. I may enjoy watching the same movies 5, 6, 7, okay, over 100 times (sit on that Sophie and Juliet, ya amateur Die Hard fans). The truth is - I value movies.
I value the way they connect people. The effect they have on social consciousness. Even sub-par piece o' crap train wreck movies. I guess I feel the same way about movies as I do about pizza - even bad ones aren't so bad. Every movie (read: every person, every idea, every book, everything and anything) offers something to someone.

Yeah, yeah, I know - that's probably from a movie, too.


quantumtea said...

Every movie, no matter how dire, has one good line in it. Maybe only one, but it's there. I could watch Pitch Black all day.

"You said it was clear!"
"I said it LOOKED clear"
"Well how does it look now?"
*shrugs* "Looks clear."

Unknown said...

I'm still stuck on the color coded planner ;)

One movie I forgot to mention--The Ref with Denis Leary, Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey. Classic.

Sophie Littlefield said...

ew, but if you go to the first night theres...y'know, other people there, whose elbows might touch *your* elbows...i like an empty seat next to me (unless it's someone i want to snuggle up with) so i can really get into my viewing cone. i take movies srsly too and as soon as i can get these darn kids raised i plan to go every day of the week. um, except when i am going to book events. movies and books. books and movies. and maybe a restaurant once in a while. heaven!

Jill said...

"Even bad ones aren't so bad" - I don't think you voiced that sentiment when we suffered through Showgirls together. Ick. Though I guess even bad movies do provide memorable moments.

Otherwise, I totally agree. And remember....fists with your toes. said...

I take a 9 PM movie break almost every evening. Even when I have a heavy deadline, the difference being that then I go back to work at 11. The movie can be from Netflix, LMN, HBO, or any of the other movie-bringing acronyms.

Q: do you find yourself watching movies differently now that you're writing? I'm always looking for the inciting incident, the first plot point -- even in bad movies.

Camille/Margaret Grace

Martha Flynn said...

Oh, Pitch Black! Good one, quantumtea. I'm a fan of "They kept calling it murder when I did it."

Jill - our friendship was forged in the fire of Showgirls crappery. Totally worth it, right???

Now I'm off to see if I can make a 9pm movie ritual part of my everyday life...certainly something to aspire to.....I'll start now! Although it's 10pm...but close enough.

Oh Sophie, I'm so going to be rubbing up all over you during movies now. Bwahahaha!

Anna said...

I'm right there with you. Movies (and for me, certain TV shows) are very much a part of my cultural landscape. They inspire me to write, too: sights, sounds, and let's face it, the nice-looking lads. ;-) The only drawback for me is that the quote thing won't do since I live in a non-English speaking country. But I can still mutter them to myself...

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