Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Martha Has Uncreative Titles

My latest manuscript is titled Kim Elder Dies. The heroine's name is Kim Elder. Guess what happens to her.

Yeah. This pretty much sums up my titling skills.

This also extends to naming-of-characters skills.

Remember that scene in City of Angels when Meg's character suspects Nic's character is non-human? He's cut himself in the kitchen and she notices his skin has healed. Then this approximate conversation ensues:

- What's your name?
- Seth
- Seth What?
Nic then glances to the cupboard behind Meg:
- Seth Plate.

Yeaaaaaaaaah, that's me, too, when it comes to names. I glance around and whatever hits my line of sight ends up as a name.

My boring blog title posts? My name + verb + theme.

See a pattern there?

I think I'm a very creative premise writer. I don't know why I'm so blah at other things. For me, creativity isn't an all reaching force infecting every part of my life. I'm not a creative person.

I can't draw. Art very rarely is viewed as anything but "pretty" or "eh." I stay within industry fashion lines. My home's design depends on symmetry. My plots are carefully excel-spreadsheeted out before each story. I follow Vogler's 12 step journey to a T. And my titles are very obvious.

It takes all kinds to write a book. Hopefully there's enough room in publishing for my kind of creative - the very neat, orderly kind. The kind that can't come up with decent blog titles. The kind that can't even figure out a creative way to end this post.


Lisa Hughey said...

I s*ck at titles, seriously. I use the phone book for people's names and I also use names culled from reference materials. However, you are extremely creative and your premises kick a**. :)

Hard Boiled Mysti said...

Don't worry Martha! Being brilliant with titles is a specific sort of creativity -- marketing creativity. And those guys don't seem very happy (though maybe that's just Mad Men and not REAL ad men and women!).

I'm really lousy at titles too. It's a specialized skill, like cutting diamonds. I liek to think us title-impaired people are stone setters instead of stone cutters, that's all :)


Sophie Littlefield said...

huh. the thing is, i thought that title was great. I mean - KIM ELDER DIES - could you *really* improve on that?

- though i was the person who had to write sixty titles before my publisher was happy :)

Martha Flynn said...

SIXTY TITLES????????? For crying out loud, Soph! I don't think I've thought up sixty titles in my entire life for my entire life's work. Wow.

Lisa - I'm off to get a phone book.

Oh Mysti - I took marketing in college. Sigh. I'm an all around failure!!