Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Juliet says, "Stay Classy, San Diego"

When I accepted the invitation to become a member of the PensFatales grog, I didn't know my fellow groggers well, with the exception of Sophie and Gigi. And even then I didn't know a lot of their secrets... like the fact that Gigi once played WonderWoman on stage (of course I knew her that way in real life) or that anecdote about Sophie in the Oakland cop bar with a jar of Miracle Whip and a poodle...but that's really more appropriate for another post.

ANYHOO, now that I'm reading my grog sisters' posts regarding movies, I'm happy to note that I'm not the only one who fosters a sneaking fondness for guilty pleasure movies, like Bridget Jones' Diary or Die Hard (I got there second, Martha!) or Anchorman. (You may have recognized the quote in my title, said by a supercilious Will Farrell at the end of every night's broadcast.)

The quote seemed particularly appropriate because I was just down in Diego, where I was on an Escapist Fantasy panel at ComicCon. This crazy, geeky convention-on-steroids used to be all about comics, superheroes, and graphic novels, but it has expanded to include television and movies that have anything at all to do with fantasy or science fiction. Why not? For a lot of us, movies are our only entree into the world of grown-up comics and graphic novels. I never read Ironman, for example, but I happily watched a buff Robert Downey Jr. (rroowwrr!) just as soon as the story came to a screen near me.Like so many other novelists out there, I nurture a tiny flame of hope that one day someone will see how absolutely PERFECT my books are for the movies. A series about an irreverent, former art forger trying to go straight in San Francisco? Who wouldn't want to see a movie about that? Or a witch with a vintage clothing store in the Haight -- Charlaine Harris, move over!

While at ComicCon, I was assured, I would meet the likes of Joss Wheadon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) and Jessica Alba (of...what?... bikini fame?) There was the slight possibility I would share an elevator with a producer hungry for a new project like mine, or stand in line for the restroom with someone-who-knew-someone. Alas, I met some great, talented folks, like my panel-mates: Marjorie Liu (DARKNESS CALLS); Jackie Kessler & Caitlin Kittredge (BLACK & WHITE); Diana Rowland (MARK OF THE DEMON); Sina Grace (CEDRIC HOLLOWS IN DIAL M for MAGIC); and Harry Connolly (CHILD OF FIRE), and got to hang out a little with my friend Mysti Berry and her fantastically talented artist/writer-type guy, Dale Berry (Myriad Publishing).
But the only star I really cared about seeing was Johnny Depp. Oddly enough, though I know he was there, Depp didn't make it a point to look me up. And there were another 100,000 people or so who thought, erroneously, that Johnny Depp was their future husband as well. Weird.

I'll have my people call his people, and set up a meeting.


Adrienne Miller said...

That's it. This thing is happening. We are having an Anchorman party.

Martha Flynn said...

I must hate you twofold.

1 - for this Die Hard travesty
2 - for getting to go to Comicon as part of your JOB

Juliet Blackwell said...

Heh. Yeah, this being a writer "job" really sucks. Heh heh.
(On the other hand, being able to pay the rent would be nice, from time to time)

And Anchorman Rules!!! Damned right it's happening! Just tell me where and when...maybe we could act out the newsgang throw-down. I wanna be Public Television.

Lisa Hughey said...

Martha does NOT have a lock on the Die Hard franchise :) although I promise not to mention it next week.

And on Will Ferrell, frankly I prefer Old School to Anchorman :) although the Glass Case of Emotion is pretty d*mn funny

How cool that you were on a panel at Comicon. Daughter would ask if you saw Kristin and Rob?? :)

Sophie Littlefield said...

Ha ha ha! So tickled to be running circles around Martha :)

And Julie - your series would be BRILLIANT for HBO or the like!

Harry Connolly said...

The post-con rumor was that Johnny Depp put on a costume--a giant squirrel head--so he could walk the floor incognito. Maybe next year I should have my picture taken with everyone who hides their face.

It was great to meet you. I was very nervous, and your demeanor made me feel it was almost normal to get up in front of a crowd. Thank you. I hope your book is a huge hit!


Hard Boiled Mysti said...

All Johnny had to do was dress like Capt. Jack Sparrow, we'd have all thought he was another costumer :)

I can totally see Johnny Depp playing Max!!!!

Harry, your work is on my list of books to check out, thanks for participating--it's great to see WRITERS at the Con. I couldn't tell you were nervous!!!!!

Die Hard is a textbook example of excellent screenplay structure. Give me a shot of Jack and I can explain in painful detail all night long :)

I'm so glad to be back home in the fog!