Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting For Fall

Ah, summer.

I hate it.

Okay, there are a couple of nice things about summer, I suppose. I admit them if pressed. I like it when I'm in Yosemite and the air smells of heat and pine and dust. I like long evenings on the porch with wine and fresh tomatoes. I like swimming in the lake and drying off on the bank. I like....

Whoops. I ran out of things.

I hate heat -- my naturally sunny disposition turns sour as soon as the mercury soars anywhere above a brain-melting 72 degrees. Too much sunshine gives me a headache, which then turns into a migraine, from which I try to hide in the bedroom with too much light, in a house with no air conditioning. And I whine, and whine, and whine.

See? Summer makes me annoying.

Give me a cool, fall day, when the edges of evening are crisp like the top of an apple crumble. Or a stormy winter night when you worry if the roof can take the weight of the water. Or a drizzly spring morning when you wonder if it will ever dry out enough to mow the newly happy grass.

I know I'm an odd duck, but I love the problems of inclement weather. I like worrying about oil slicks on the highways, and whether my windshield wipers work. I like making sure my umbrella still opens (although I never want to carry it). I love it when the house is too cold when I get up to write, when I have to stumble around the house making coffee while wrapped in layers of wool, waiting for the heater to fire up and take off the chill enough to put my fingers on the laptop and start working.

Heat ennervates me. I have no brain. No creativity. Certainly no drive. On really hot days I lie in my front of my fans in a wet dress and turn my sound machine to the rainstorm option. Over the rain, there's a computerized plink-plink that I can just imagine is a stubborn drip hitting a bucket outside.

I spend summer writing storm scenes and waiting for fall.


Abby said...

I'm with you - unrelenting sunshine is depressing. We need rain and it is cloudy today, but the sun keeps peeking through, dammit.

Judy H. said...

I seem to be solar powered. I need the sun. I just don't need the heat.

Lisa Hughey said...

Clearly we won't be retiring together *bg*

I love the summer. I love sitting in the sun and literally soaking up the healing power of those rays, especially when it is super hot and it almost stings, then hopping in the pool to cool off. Sitting in the hot sun makes me feel so much better. I love seasons. I miss crisp fall days, and snow days, and spring thunderstorms...of course, not enough to move back to the midwest. :)

Sophie Littlefield said...

hey r., that's a beautiful photo, very sort of retro-hot. and i have never, ever seen you be annoying! Am looking forward to it.

Martha Flynn said...

come across the bay...we're waaaayyyy cooler over here! in many ways...kidding, kidding.

ayla said...

I hate summer too!! I live in New England because I love the cold and the snow. Right now, on July 2, outside my home it is a sweltering 65° and rainy (ha ha). I live for this. I love not needing the air conditioning, and being able to sleep bundled up at night. I love my wood stove in the winter, and the way it warms my home and makes it smell. I love hot chocolate and hot tea with milk.

Also, I start to sweat at 71°, and I hate sweating. So give me fall, winter, or spring any day.

Dana Fredsti said...

Rachel, while I love lying in the middle of a pool on a raft when it's hot, I moved to SF to avoid the heat! So I sympathize. Especially with the whining part. :-)