Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Listmaker

I am the kind of writer who...makes lists. I make to-do lists; I make timeline lists (especially when cooking or when going out of town so my husband gets the kids where they need to be); I make plot lists, and research lists, and character when we decided to introduce ourselves with this prompt, I immediately started a list, thinking I would formulate the list into actual paragraphs--but then I changed my mind. :)

Lisa’s ‘Kind of Writer Who’ List:

1. Unflagging...determination. I refuse to give up.

2. Unfailing...optimist. If things aren’t looking up right now, they will be.

3. Unintentional...romantic. I tried to write a book without a romance and I failed. While it was definitely a thriller, the romance was integral to the plot.

4. acknowledge the need to keep learning. I am dedicated to constantly improving my craft and willing to get guidance from those who want to impart their wisdom.

5. Unquenchable...thirst for knowledge. I love research. I am fascinated by so many subjects and I get a little thrill when I find that one small detail that completes the story.

6. Unfettered...enthusiasm for the entire process of writing, from research, to plotting, to drafting, to revising. I freaking love it all, even when I hate it.

7. Unconditional...cheerleader. I support my fellow writers without jealousy (or at least not too much). Actually I’m not jealous, envious, because everyone’s path is different and I never begrudge anyone their success. I just want my own too. :)

8. Unquantifiable...appreciation for my sister groggers. Here’s the thing with women. There are groups where you will mesh nicely with common bonds but no spark of connection. Other groups where despite a common bond discord reigns. And then there are those unions that blend seamlessly and almost effortlessly, and all you can imagine coalesces into an amazing, vibrant, fascinating collaboration...Because the stars align? Because you are all at the precipice of a new chapter in your career? I don’t know and I don’t care because it works.

9. Unequivocally...blessed to meet these women at this time!


ps. Unrepentant about the Un thing. It’s a little cutesy, I know. But it just sort of happened and when I find a pattern I like, I go with it.

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